Apr 20, 2011

The Big Time Blog

With this album I wanted to bring a new twist on New Orleans Soul and flavor. It’s funky, it’s comical, it’s bold, it's flavorful…just like New Orleans!

The title cut was inspired by me wanting all the best things in life…for myself and my family and friends… like having a great time! From the best things in life to the heart and soul of the streets of New Orleans… You know… the Big Time Stuff!!!

Listeners will get an all around “celebration”…there’s a song for everyone on this album... An all around celebration of great American music.

“Night life” was inspired while I was being a tourist in my own town of New Orleans. As I watched the people indulge themselves in the culture of New Orleans… I said to myself, “Now that’s the Night Life!!!

One other inspiration for the song “I Bet You a Dollar” came from memories of when I was growing up in the French Quarter tap dancin’ and shinin’ shoes in front of the 544 Club on Bourbon Street… we would say to the tourist, “I bet you a dollar… I know where you got them shoes.”… and made some extra cash!!!

“At the Jazz Fest” of course spins from going to the Jazz Fest and seeing all the happy people, eating all the great foods, and just laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

I would think this album is one that people of all genres of the world can enjoy. My hope is that Listeners will find great pleasure in the lyrics of each song. I think that each individual will be able connect to at least one song that they identify with.

The songs on the new disc from my perspective will be at least two things: instant classics and new standards to be added to the “Great American Song Book”

From the funky horns to the soulful grooves, this album has so much fiyah…till they won’t be able to put it out” … so get out cha seat, and on your feet… cause this is the Big Time Stuff!

It’s going to make the world dance!
- J